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Don’t go for Post Graduation

If you’re planning to take admission in PTU, UTU, KTU and some of the other third class technical universities of India, I’ll suggest you to don’t waste your 2-3 years there. You will spend your valuable time and money there and in end of day you will have one PG certificate to which no one will consider. No one is going to give you job that you are PG, there are thousands of sorry millions of PG’s in India and maximum of them are unskilled and still don’t know what they want to do. Do you want to be one of those?

I’ll suggest you to find what you want to do in which stream you want to make your career, is it Marketing, Sales, Web Development or any other field, start applying for job. Don’t look for money, learn things by heart, make your self Ninja. And you will see things will get better and better, you will have better life and better salary. So instead of wasting 3 years in post graduation and then start working on same salary which a graduate worked 3 years earlier, it’s better to do correspondents PG course.

Just a thought, choice is your.