My Favourite

This is one of the coolest video i had seen, I got to know about this video from Lancearmstrong Tweet. I love this video, the Perfection, dedication and skill this champ had shown in this video are amazing. A perfect example of perfection, passion and mastery. I am sure you will love this video. Hats off to this Champ

Steve Mania- Incredible, Amazing, Remarkable

Whether it is Steve Jobs blue color jean, New Balance Shoes or “One More Thing” in presentation. Steve Jobs has his own unique style. His presentation skills are incredible great and one of the best in world.  For every new product launch of Apple,  Steve Jobs himself gives live presentation and product demos.

One more thing i like in his presentation, his slides.  Steve Jobs slides always has one picture or one line, nothing more than that.  In his every presentaion there are fews words which Job’s repeat again and again.  Some of them are Incredible, Phenomenal great, its amazing, beautiful, wonderful, remarkable, awesome, gorgeous, incredible, unbelievable, magical.

But There is One More Thing 🙂


2 responses to “My Favourite

  1. your blo is very excellecnt ,keep it up

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