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Truth Behind Rohan Rathore: Emptiness

A few hours ago title of this post was,  Emptiness:  My Tribute to Rohan Rathore. A few lines of post was:

A three minutes song that takes you on a long journey of memories. A song whose lyrics are the pain of someone heart. A song recorded by someone just before the 15 days of his life. This someone is Rohan Rathore an IIT Guwahati student who composed this song for a girl to whom he love more than his life.

No doubt all above lines are true, but the last line about Rohan Rathore is lie. Rohan is neither IIT Gauwahti Student nor he died beacuse of cancer. Moreover IIT Gauwathi students reveled that there was no student named Rohan Rathore. After writing this post i got a comment on story of Rohan Rathore death is lie and asked me to Google about it. When i Googled, i read lots of posts and news which told death story of Rohan Rahtore is only marketing stunt and in actual there is no person named Rohan Rathore . You can check some of links in comments section of my blog.

But no doubt song is amazing and still touching hearts of millions of people. I love to listen this song again and again. Emptiness song is loved by millions of people and still fans keep growing. I found good no. of videos created by people on YouTube, each video have millions of view. So many blogger wrote the lyrics of this song. Listen this song, below is the video of Emptiness created by Ankur Bhatia but i don’t know he know truth about Rohan Rathore story or not .