People are Forgetting about Saving

Half of the world people life mainly Europe and North America is running on credit. The powerful marketing and advertising of companies are forcing people to put money out of their saving accounts. You can purchase anything at any time, no matter where you are. If you are in shopping complex, you may purchase those things which you never thought to buy. So it’s not easy to save money in nowadays life style.

In my few years of professional experience, i found the most importnat thing is that how much money you save at the end of day. You earn 50K per month but becuase of your life style you save only 10-15k, then other person who earn 30K but save 15-18K will be in better situation than you (until or unless you are not son of a millionaire).

I think if you know how to manage time and money, you will never fail in your life. But if you can’t utilize both of these things, in long term your life can be painful. I don’t want to say, save as much as money you can, but you should have proper control on your expenses.

Make an analysis of your monthy or daily expenses, where you spend money unnecessary, I’m sure there will be lots of things, where you don’t need to spend money. You are not late yet, so start saving from today. 🙂


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