Girls Algorithm for Boys

Being a search engine marketer, i know search engines have different algorithm to rank a website in search results. For example, Google used more than 200 signals to rank website in search results. And till date Google hasn’t reveled what are all those 200 signals. SEO industry knows some of the major algorithm which Google used to rank website for keywords or search query but no one know all algorithm.

Now you are thinking what is connection between Google and Girls. I think in same way girls have their algorithm to like a boy. They also use some signals (these can be more than 200) like Google and based on these signals they decide should we like this Guy or not and what rank or rating we have to give a particular guy.

Tough thing here is each girl has their own algorithm and no one know what are the signals or what algorithm they use to rate a guy. So in my opinion it’s easy to rank a keywords or website top in search results but tough to get good ranking for girls.

Too many love gurus tried to find out those signals but they got failed in each particlur case. There is no such theory or method that will work or gives you good results.

One common thing between Google and Girls algorithm is that algorithm keep changing  every year 🙂 or some time in months. So we need to keep ourself updated.

If someone knows some particlur theory or formula please share with me or us. We really need it :). Some tips i want to share with you, keep trying and never fail to fail. Cheers!


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