#Support Jan Lokpal- Ab To Sara Desh Hai Anna

This slogan is on the mouth of every India. What i will call Anna- a Gandhi Vadi, a Social Worker, a revolutionary or a man against corruption.

Anna, Jan Lokpal, Ramleela ground, Me bhi Anna, Vande Matrm, Anna Vs Govt, Anti Coruption etc. are few words which are on mouth of every Indian. You can find these words in Facebook, Twitter and new Channels. Anna got more than 8 million mentions in Facebook and have more than 500 Facebook pages. #Anna is on of the most tweeting hash tag in Twitter.

All Indians want Jan Lokpal Bill-strongest anti corruption bill against politician. I will wonder if you are in India and don’t know about Jan Lokpal and if don’t know you can read about Jal Lokpal here.

After India’s freedom yesterday Indian saw the biggest protest of public against corruption. There were more than 5 Lakhs people protesting against corruption from India Gate to Ramleela Ground.

From the last two days i was in Ramleela ground and demanding the Jan Lokpal Bill and protesting against corruption, thought this is best time to do something for nation. And i’m sure if you visit Ramleela ground one time you will see a new refreshed India, a new India who is demanding for clean anti corruption Govt.

You can see Riksha pullar to IT software Enginerring to IIT’ans, to 80 year old uncle at Ramleela Ground. Everone wants to teach a lesson to corrupt polictican.

Every year we see thousand crore scams of politican and after doing this they escape easily just because of weak laws. In every evening i see lots of people come out of houses and do candle march against corruption. And the no. of people supporting Jan Lokpal are increasing in viral way all over India.

I request you to support Jan Lokpal and tell about the Jan Lokpal to more and more people specially who don’t know what Jan Lokpal bill is. I’ll say “Abhi nahi to Kabi Nahi” this is best time to take step against corruption. Vande Matram !


2 responses to “#Support Jan Lokpal- Ab To Sara Desh Hai Anna

  1. A nine year’s view of jan lokpal
    lokpal ka matlab kya hai
    janata ki jo sune pukar
    janch parakh kar saty jaan kar
    maar bhagaye bhrashtachar
    neta afsar bhrasht hue to
    samay aaj ye aaya hai,
    anna ke samarthan me
    jan saalab umad aaya hia
    aab to jaago aab to suno
    unki jinhone tumhe chuna
    maano loktantr mein jan bhavana
    jan lokpal ko amal me laao
    jantantr ko safal banao
    janata ki iccha ko mano
    jago! jan bhavana ko pehechano
    janlokpal ko amal me lao
    bhrasht tantr ko jan tantr banao
    apurv dev,blueblls school inter national

  2. Beautiful Poem, Grt Work Apurv !

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