Loved the Poetry of “Zindgi Na Milegai Dubara”

Today watched the movie “ZNMD” ,  got late in watching but enjoyed every bit of moment. Movie was good and i can go for second time. The most beautiful thing in movie was wonderful poetry of Javed Akthar Sahab, Farhan gave voice for poetry and done full judgement with poetry.

A few week ago i wrote the lyrics of  “To Zinda To Tum” in my blog, which i liked very much. But today i found there are a few more wonderful poetry in movie.

One of then “Dil Tu Kyu Rotha Hai” i liked the most. Here’s wonderful poem:

Jab Jab Dard Ka Badal Chaya, Jab Gum Ka Saya Lahreya
Jab Aansoo Palko Tak Aaya, Jab Ye Tanha Dil Ghabraya
Hamne Dil ko Ye Samghaya, Dil Aakhir Tu Kyu Rota Hai. Duniya Me yu Hi hota hai
Ye jo Gahre Sanatte Hai, Waqut Ne Sab Ko Hi Bante Hai
Thora Gum Hai Sab Ka Kissa, Tori Dhoop Hai Sub Ka Hissa
Aankh Teri Bekar Hi Nam Hai, Har Pal Ek Naya Mausam Hai
Kyu Tu Ase Pal Khota Hai, Dil Akhir tu Kyu Rota Hai

After a long time i listened deep meaningful poetry which forced me to write this post. It really touched my heart,  Hats off to Javed Sahab. Beside this i loved the song “Der Lagi Lekin” having beautiful lyrics and awesome composition of Shankar Eshan Loy. Don’t miss to watch the video of these poems which i got from YouTube.


3 responses to “Loved the Poetry of “Zindgi Na Milegai Dubara”

  1. Beautiful…I loved it…

  2. Thakur maja a gaya…:)

  3. Thanks a lot Manish ! Poems are really beautiful and will touch everyone heart.

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