The Secret Success Of Recipe

Taste is of the most pleasured scenes and we can detect it easily. By eating one bite we can tell which particular food it is, but true taste is when we can tell which particular dish we are eating among same dishes. India is land of spices and we eat maximum no. of different dishes in world.

We can easily differentiate a hotel and home food for same dishes. All of we are foodie and want to taste delecious food and everyone have some favourite dishes in their menu.

We used to say, i love the paranta of that hotel or south Indian food of that restaurant beacuse of the special taste we found in these dishes.

But if we talk about FMCG companies products which are not cooked in home but still used by us in our daily routine life. There are some products whose taste are same when i was in nursery class and still i enjoy them with same pleasure as 20 years ago.

I like to share are some brands who are still part of my daily routine life and are my first choice to buy, means i can’t buy anything in place of these. Here are few brands whose magical taste is same as 20 years ago.

Mango Frooti

I don’t think there will be any single person who do not drink frooti in his life. The magical taste of frooti come as you took a sip of in your mouth. Frooti is more famous among children and is one of the best consumable brand for mango lover. The only thing i notice is the change in packing of frooti. Now frooti comes in differnet packs and prices. If i’m not wrong earlier frooti have green color with mango in packing which is replaced by yellow colors pack.


If you are hungry and want to eat food in minimum possible time, Maggi is best option. Still maggi is one of best option for me to finish my hungerness. If you are living out side of your home and depend on food for your cook, maggi is best option. Maggi has same magical taste from the first time i eat to till date. I think all credit goes to the spice powder we put on the bolied maggi. Again i will say, there will be no Indian who hasn’t eat maggi in his life :).


In early morining before eating the breakfast, this brand is used by maximum no. of Indian. Colgate was one of the most used brand in my childhood days, even nowadays Colgate comes in world top 30 brands. I tried lots of toothpaste but found colgate is best. Colgate has same packing and taste as i used it first time.

Kissan Fruit Jam

I can’t forget the delecious taste of mixed fruit kissam jam, one of my favorite for eating paranta and breads. I found the same delecious taste of kissam fruit jam as it was 20 year before.

Some of the other brands are Maza, Coca Cola and still there will be lots of other brands (Vim, Cherry Shoe Polish etc) but these brands are one of my favorite. Decades has been passed but these brands have same magic and are still first choice of people.

It’s not easy to make product a brand, company invest million dollars to make product a brand and then to sustain the brand. I want to know more about Branding and what make a product brand but one thing i konw for sure is mass acceptance of public for that product.

All above product maintain their quality standard from the years and win the trust of people. The secret success of recipe is all efforts we put to make a food so delicious so that no one can replace that in our menu.

If i miss some brands in same category, please share this in comments section, i am sure there will be many 🙂


2 responses to “The Secret Success Of Recipe

  1. …and you forgot “Amul Butter”

  2. Arrrrrrr, You are right, Amul Butter should be in list.

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