Baba Ramdev- A Yog Guru or a Business Man or a Politician ?

What would you say about Baba Ramdev ? Now Baba is more than Yog Guru and had millions of followers whether they are doing Yog or not. On the other hand there are lots of people who had problem with Baba Ramdev. As a Yog Guru Baba Ramdev had cured millions of people in India and has lots of respect for him as Yog Guru. But still there are some issues on which people keep blaming Baba Ramdev.

First One- Baba Ramdev is a Business Man

Baba Ramdev Sold medicines in hunderd and thousands of ruppees. People had lots of problem why baba is selling medicines ? Also some people and politics party said, his medicines used bones of animals.

From the last 50 years MNC’s are looting India. We know what Cola Cola, Pepsi and HLL are selling in India. No one had complaint about them, but people had complaint why baba start selling medicines? If you talk about medicines, if medicines had bones, but some is cured well from that than what is wrong with medicine. People are ready to spend thousand on rupees on chicken plate in a resturant but in medicine they found any bones powder they had lots of problem :). I don’t know why people had problem he is earning money.

Rememberer he is also giving jobs to lots of people and they are not Baba like him so they need good salary for working in his Patnajali Yog Peeth.

Why Baba Come in Politics

Political party in India said, You are Baba so teach people Yog, please don’t come in politics. We are looting country and it’s only our job. The big problem with Ramdev was he dream big, he dare to dream.

He dare to took battel with Gov’t of India, what happened last night all Indian knows. The mistake Baba made he raised his voice first time about Black Money In India. And now entire scenario had turned into politics. All party start blaming each other, some party want to take advantage of situation for vote bank. While TV news channel are trying to make news more spicy and hotter.

But one think is sure, i don’t think it is possible to bring Black money back in India. I’m sure there will no top politician in Inida from any party who don’t have black money in Swiss Bank.

Neither I’m devotee of Baba Ramdev nor i’m following him but one thing i know, first time in India some one had raised voice against black money, but results or Gov’t action we saw was too bad 😦


6 responses to “Baba Ramdev- A Yog Guru or a Business Man or a Politician ?

  1. As far medical field is concerned, i am sure you can’t grow back your lost hair simply by rubbing your finger nails against each other, can’t cure homosexuality just by breathing deeply, you can’t get rid of cancer just by drinking cow urine everyday & you can’t cure diabetes by drinking Lauki juice.

    • Can I ask you?? Mr. dr kenit !! Did you check all these thing?? if u don’t then you should not talk abt it. I have experimented all these thing on me nd I got full advantage.

  2. Dr. Kenit,
    You also can’t get cured consuming a lot of medicines. Forget cancer, diabetes… medicines can’t even effectively cure common cold.

  3. Humm, I’ll say, “A little knowledge is dangerous thing” ! Yog can sure lots of diseases and for some diseases you have to take medicines. Choose which is better for your health.

  4. ‘Neither I’m devotee of Baba Ramdev nor i’m following him’ But the way things have been put up, it seems the opposite. There are certain facts which have been missed . His issue of different birthplaces in two passport office. His using Bones in Ayurvedic medicines which has been an unresolved controversy and which brought him to limelight and many other things. if you are putting such article with a title ‘Baba Ramdev- A Yog Guru or a Business Man or a Politician ?’ please look at both sides as that provides a better picture

  5. Hi Amit, I admit the way he choose to raise black money issue is not right. I think passport or nationality issue is not big matter (and it hasn’t proved yet), if someone is doing good deed. He is not involving any anti national activity. There are lots of celebrities in India which are making money here.

    For me, if I’m getting cured, even if medicine have bones does not matter for me. I had been worked one and half year in leading pharma company and i know how they make medicines.

    I don’t know what was Ramdev intention behind Black money issue, it can be personal interest, but he cured lots of people. People in India come to know what Yog is.

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