Find Car and Drive Car- Unique Car Sharing Service Offered by BMW

If you are dreaming to buy a car, think again beacuse now you can get car whenever and wherever you need it. And if car is a top class model of BMW, i know its hard to beleive 🙂 but it’s true. You don’t have to own a car,
simple pay for use.

BMW Drive now

You can find the available BMW car nearest to you via smart phone application. BMW had launched DriveNow services in Munich and Berlin. BMW is planning to roll this services in selected cities in world. DriveNow will be offered under the new BMW sub-brand BMW i and will offer various BMW 1 Series and MINI models.

In DriveNow service you’re billed by the minute. One more good thing is that parking in public area and fuel charges are inclusive. I don’t know how many years this service will take to come in India, but whenever BMW will launch DriveNow, will not miss to drive BMW.

Watch BMW DriveNow video to get clear idea on how this service works


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