AICTE & Tech Institutes-Joke on The Name of Education

After completion of course, “I’m looking for a Job” line is used by more 85% post gradutes of India. Maximum of them are B.E, B.Tech, MBA and MCA etc. But after completing their courses all of them are in same condition, one thing which don’t allow them to live peacefully is Job.

Maximum of students in India belong to middle class and for their own future or i will say source of income depend on job. Average fees for any technical course in India is around 4-5 Lack and even after spending this much amount you will not get a placement from college. In India more than 80% technical and management institutes are only doing business. You took admission there, gave fees for all semester and you will get the diploma or degree of your course.

College Admission

God knows how many technical institues are in India and how much AICTE is earning from these institutes. Some of my friends say, “kuch logo ne to ghar me hi institute khol rakhe hai”. Even maximum of them are ISO 9001:2000 certified. I think this certification is the biggest joke and don’t not know how much you have to pay for this certification :).

I’m sure India produce maximum no. of illiterate professionals in a year. I don’t want to blame student for this, because these institutes focus more on how to earn money than developing student.This is difference between IIM, IIT and NIT institues, they set their own benchmark and standard. But to get admission in these institutes are toughest task, for 100 seats you will get millions of applications.

Each of us took admission with high enthusiasm and in last semster its hard to find that Enthusiasm. Because we know what reality is and how life will be after college. What AICTE is doing even our human resource minster don’t know :). Every year you can see thousands of new institutes to spoil feature of students.


2 responses to “AICTE & Tech Institutes-Joke on The Name of Education

  1. One thing you missed to notice is—————more than half of engineers in india & engineering faculty in india are attempters (i.e. having availed several attempts during B.E. but not disclosed in any degree/marksheet).

    On the contrary, in medical study, attempt certificate is must after MBBS like applying for prePG, for job etc. Attermpt certiflicate displays number of attempts availed by a candidate to complete his MBBS.

    After repeated Right to information applications, AICTE shamelessly kept silence over “maximum number of attempts of B.E. to make him eligible for faculty in engineering. Whereas in PGI-chandigarh, even a single extra attempt of MBBS debars one to apply for PrePG exam.

    So this is the main reason of AICTE-foolish regulating body keeping minting money and giving recognition to hundreds of new colleges every year without faculty.

  2. Thanks a lot Manoj, don’t know about B.E. faculty cases. AICTE is not less than Raja and Kalmari in field of eduction.

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