How Valuable Water is ?

Three things no one can’t live without are Oxygen, Water and Food. No one can live without Water. But do you know how preciuos is water and how much pure water we have in world.

If 10 years ago someone had given suggestion to sell the pure water, I’m sure people made good joke or laughed a lot on him. But nowadays mineral or purified water is billion dollar industry. People are ready to spend 20 rupees for water bottle, because we know it’s not easy to get pure or clean water.

One thing is sure, in future we are going to get shortage of clean water. In India you can see water shortage in every state, whether it’s capital of India, Delhi or a village of Bihar. People can’t get clean water easily.

Some of Facts about, How valuable clean Water are:

. More than 4 million people died due to water related diseases.

. 98% of water realted diseases occured in developing countries

. It takes about 300 litres of water to make the paper for just one Sunday newspaper. So use paper as less as you can, use E-mail and electronic sources more.

. On average, women in Africa and Asia have to walk 3.7 miles to collect water. It can be more in rural villages of India.

. In India alone, water born diseases cost the economy 73 million working days per year.

. Global sales of bottled water account for over $60-$80 billion each year.

. A child dies of water born diseases about every 15 seconds

In end i will say, Please don’t pollute water. Save Water, Save Life.


One response to “How Valuable Water is ?

  1. I hope people heed to your request, it is long way off for people to be conscious of this fact. But some have started bathing in Bisleri to safeguard their scalp….height of hygiene. Lolz

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