India Vs Pakistan Word Cup 2011 Semifinal

Biggest Match of the Cricket World Cup History

India-vs-PakIndia and Pakistan are the biggest rival in cricket and any match between India and Pak is like a battle. Match is about country pride and honor. But when both countries are playing match against each others in world cup semifinal, then it become biggest match of world cup, bigger than world cup final.

This time both countries are playing against each other in semi final. I watch in TV people are saying we don’t care about world cup, win this match for us. It clearly shows how big is this match. In every news channel “Mohali” is the biggest news center. Entire nation is tweeting about India Vs Pak cricket match. There is no celebrity on Twitter who is not tweeting about India Pak match. In Facebook everyone is sharing pictures, videos and comments about India Pakistan semi final match.

No one can escape the fever of India Vs Pakistan cricket world cup semifinal. Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh invited the Pakistan Prime Minister and other Official ministers to watch the match at Mohali. Good news is that Pak Prime Minister accepted the invitation. Media called it “Cricket Diplomacy”. Pakistan Government has announced the big prize for team, if team beat the India in semifinal.

Moreover Pakistan Gov’t has announced the national holiday for match. In India almost all corporate world has announced the half day holiday. In news channels, news paper, tea shops everyone is talking about the India Pak semifinal.


Both teams are in great form and its very tough to predict which team will win today. Pakistan captain Sahid Afridi is in his life best form and have best bowling attack in world. On the other side Indian Team has best batting side in world and all batsman are in great forms.

Some Facts

. Pakistan never won the match against India In world cup

. Pakistan never lose match against India at Mohali

. India haven’ t won world cup in 28 years and next WC in India is after 20 years

. As per estimate bookie betting 5000 crore for India Pak Match.

In few hours match is going the start and by the evening we get to know which team will go to final. Billions of Indian fans wishes are with Team India and I’m sure we will win today battle.


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