My All Time Top 5 Motivational Movies

I am big movie buff, but very choosy in watching a movie.  By seeing the promo, ads and reviews, who is director, actor  i decide to watch a movie.  Love to see all kind of movies whether it’s action,  drama, thriller,  love-romance, motivational etc.

In this post i want to share my top 5 motivational movies.  My all time favourite top 5 motivational movies are :

The Pursuit of Happyness

Based on true story, a Movie of struggling Salesman. Wonderful acting done by Will Smith as Chris Gardner. The Hardship of Chris and his son  in Pursuit of his better life, in Pursuit of Happyness.

Man of Honor

This movie is based on true story of a US Navy Diver for whom Navy is not a job but a Honor. The story of Carl Brashear, the first African American Master Chief Petty Officer in US Navy. A master piece in making.

A Beautiful Mind

Based on the life of John Forbes a Nobel Laureate in Economics.  Four Academy award winner movie which include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress.  Brilliant work done by Russell Crowe.

Peaceful Warrior

A story of of a college gymnast and his over come after an accident.  A few quotes of movie are

A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”

“I call myself a Peaceful Warrior… because the battles we fight are on the inside”

“There is no starting or stopping – only doing

Forrest Gump

One of the famous quote of movie is “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Tom Hanks won the best actor in leading role for this movie, winner the 6 academy awards.  Don’t ever miss to watch this movie.

Some of the other good motivational movies are Rudy, Octboer Sky.

But There is one more

The King’s Speech

Winner of 4 academy awards this year which include Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best screenplay. I saw this movie  last evening,  brilliant work done by Colin Firth who won the best actor Oscar award for this movie. The Kings Speech based on the true story of England King George VI who overcome his stutter (speech disorder).


10 responses to “My All Time Top 5 Motivational Movies

  1. Thanks for Sharing

    one suggestion supply more info about the Movie

    You have a great Choice

  2. A very nice collection of movies you always carry with yourself. My friends says that whatever movie I chose for spending my time becomes a super flop and I don’t know its my fault or whatever. Afterall choices made in heaven like anything else.There are two movies “The Persuit of Happiness” and “A Beautiful Mind” which I have seen and great one. The first one always motivates me which I need ‘N number of times’ in a single day. I usually not very choosy about movies because my brain percept that there is at least something as a message which a director want to convey. I am not telling about movies like chandni chowk to china, bhagam bhag etc. which I don’t consider as movie. These are some dramas where an individual need not 2 carry beautiful mind along with. Lagan one of my best movie which I saw almost 3 year later after the release.

    • Thanks a a lot Manoj. Sometime this happens, movie didn’t full fill your expectation. But good experience comes from bad experience, now you know and can differentiate which movie is good and bad. I saw lots of people who watch movie for time pass and ready to see any movie. I am sure you will make perfect choice in selecting the movies.

      Yea you are right, hardly you can find good movies in Bollywood. Lagan is my favorite too..!

  3. Great choice of movies

  4. ramesh bollineni

    really these are good movies to watch. u can add african queen and shawshank redemption.

  5. Thanks a lot Ramesh ! Shawshank is one of my favorite too but could not add it in top list. I had not watched african queen, will try to watch this movie.

  6. accidently came across your blog…it was indeed a pleasant surprise.
    loved the movie ZNMD..thanx a ton for the beautiful poems from the movie…
    i’m glad to know people like you who look for a deeper meaning in life actually exist.

  7. Please insert this title:
    1) pirates of silicon valley – how the Steve jobs and Bill gates growing theirs empire
    2) Billionaire a.k.a Top Secret (thailand movie) – how the young boy insist to make him dream to become a young entrepreneur, and he get it.

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