ICC Cricket World Cup 2011-My Review, My Pick

In few hours Cricket World Cup is going to start and being in Indian subcontinent it’s going to be one of the best ever world cup. Indian are mad about cricket and also in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh cricket is most popular sport. We can say best ever place to host world cup.

What all we are discussing these days, who is going to win the world cup? Will it be India, Srilanka, Australia or some other dark horse. My top three picks are India, South Africa and Sri Lanka. One strange thing is that no one is talking about Australia, but it will a big mistake to ignore the Australia.

India subcontinent pitches are full of runs and hardly they have anything for Bolwers. But in second inning spinners can play an important role.  Some of the bolwer to watch are Murli, Zahir Khan, Bret Lee, Maliga, Harbhajan and Styen. Will Brett Lee and Sohaib Akthar be able to make strong come back?

Who is going to become the most run scoring batsman in world cup?  Will it be Sachin, Kevin Piterson, Jayavardhne, Pathan or Kallis? All of these batsman are in good form.  One thing is sure only those batsman can score more runs who are good player of spin.  Batsman which can make strong comeback in world cup are Ponting, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Greem Smith and Chris Gaye.

I’m sure this world cup we will see new records, new heroes and more memorable moments. Can this time we will repeat the 1983 history. In fews days it will get clear, who will become the 2011 world cup champion.


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