Lesson i learnt from Spider

I hate spiders and biggest reason for this is they create lots of nets in my rooms, specially in store.  Every week  i cleaned all the  nets spiders had created.  But same conditions they create for next week.

All these hidden spiders  gave the meassage you can’t stop us.  All these spiders spend their day and night hard work in creating these nets and i destroy them in few minutes. Thing here to notice is spider never give up,  i don’t think spider waste his single second in complaining that some one destroyed his hard work.

Spider know his work and he didn’t bother about any hurdles, even he know that i will destroy them soon. Point to say is, don’t stop to your goal even if your hard work get destroyed in your life,  you can rise up again.  Steve Job is best example he found the Apple and made it billion dollar company.  Then worst thing happen, he got fired from his company.  But instead of regreting and wasting time in complaining he worked hard, believe in himself and created Pixar.  And again become the CEO of Apple, one of the most successful CEO in world.

If some one destroy your hard work or you will not get paid for your hard work.  Don’t waste your time in complaining and work harder than earlier one.  Remember there is no substitute for hard work.


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