“Laziness” Biggest problem with us which we don’t know

How would you define laziness? Someone say i am very active i do all things which i like. But how much right we are ? Things we like, we love to do them again and again, but the tasks we don’t like or we think is difficult we always try to avoid them. It is laziness inside us which do not allow us to do that task.

One thing i want to say, why people watch more TV and read less, even they know reading is much better than watching TV. For reading you have to concentrate and you have to read carefully, but for watching TV you need only remote control.

One of other form of laziness i observe is “I will do”, things we want to avoid we always say, I will do.

Best thing i learn is to kill laziness is the to do things which you think is toughest. If you able to do that, means you are near to breaking the habit of laziness.


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