Internet Enabled Laptop far far powerful than Cable TV

An internet enabled lapot is far, far more powerful than TV. If you are in India i will say it is 101% true. An Internet enabled laptop will give you all the option you want to see and read. Whether it’s about entertainment, knowledge, sports or anything. You can find all the stuff on internet which you want to read or see, where as in TV you don’t have more choices.

Being a Blogger i can read all good stuff which i want to read whether it is of my personal or professional use. One good thing i like in internet is that you can write and share your view, thoughts. Popularities of social media sites are example of this, people are sharing their pictures, videos in these websites.

Internet is full of information and entertainment, you can download a useful PDF, can read the blogs of world recognized authors. Where as in TV you can’t find these things. I think if you know how to use internet in right way, it will be biggest resource to improve your life.

One question to concern, what About Google TV. Can i write a Blog in Google TV?


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